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Bunkers began the Repair of custom screens in 1988. Bunkers makes custom screens for the sizes you require. No screens are premade they are all custom made to your sizes. Bunkers has several different types of materials to choose from. Bunkers has Box or Lip frame all come in three colors White, Bronze, Mill Finish (Silver).  Bunkers also has the center bar materials in the same colors. Bunkers also sells the materials for the do it your self person or a contractor.  The frames comes in a length of 12 foot 6 inches. You can buy one bar or a 100 bars what ever you need.

Bunkers has three choices of screen mesh materials. All screen mesh have a 18 x 16 pattern. That means there is 18 holes wide and 16 holes high in every square inch of material. Bunkers carries these screen meshes in Brite Aluminum, Charcoal Aluminum, and Black Fiberglass. Bunkers has these screen mesh in many widths from 2 foot to 7 foot. For the do it your self person you don’t need to buy the whole roll you can buy it by the foot in what ever width you need. We do sell the screen mesh buy the roll also for when you need a 100 foot of one size of material.  

Bunkers recommends when doing your screens a center bar should be added when a screen reaches 3 foot in height. Bunkers can put a center bar in any size screen if you would like. This center bar will help make the screen from having gaps between the screen and the window frame. This center bar also helps stiffen the screen as a whole and make the screen far more sturdy and helps with stability. Adding a center bar can only be done in the screening or rescreening  process it cannot be added after the screen is already screened. 

Bunkers will also rescreen your existing screens with new screen mesh. Bunkers can add a center bar to most existing screens but there are some screens we are unable to add the center bar too. 


Bunkers makes every effort to have a fast turnaround time for the making of the custom screens or the rescreening of your existing screens. In most cases, if you place your order early in the morning you can get them back the same day or early the next day.


Bunkers Accepts All Major Credit Cards!

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