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Premium Protection Gasoline Motor Oil


5w-20 in Quarts or 5 Quart Bottles

5w-30 in Quarts or 5 Quart Bottles

10w-30 in Quarts or 5 Quart Bottles

10w-40 in Quarts or 5 Quart Bottles

20w-50 in Quarts or 5 Quart Bottles

Drua Blend


5w-20 Semi Synthetic

5w-30 Semi Synthetic

10w-30 Semi Synthetic

10w-40 Semi Synthetic



0w-20 Synpower Full Synthetic

5w-20 Synpower Full Synthetic

5w-30 Synpower Full Synthetic

10w-30 Synpower Full Synthetic

5w-40 Synpower Full Synthetic



5w-20 Maxlife Semi Synthetic

5w-30 Maxlife Semi Synthetic

10w-30 Maxlife Semi Synthetic

10w-40 Maxlife Semi Synthetic

Valvoline Premium Blue Diesel Oil

10w-30 Premium Blue Gallons Only

15w-40 Premium Blue Gallons & Pails

Valvoline All Fleet Diesel Engine Oil


15w-40 All Fleet In Gallons, Pails, And Drums

Valvoline Hydraulic Oils

Premium Universal Tractor Fluid

Qualitiy Universal Tractor Fluid

Valvoline AW Hydraulic Fluid

Comes in 32, 46, 68 Pails and Drums


Automatic Transmission Fluids


ATF +4

Dex Merc ATF

Maxlife Dex Merc ATF

Mercron  V

Dexron VI

Syn Guard ATF

Valvoline Gear  Oil


Gear Oil 75W-90

Synpower Gear Oil 75W-90

Gear Oil 85W-140

Valvoine Grease in Tubes

Ford Grease in Tubes

GM/Chrysler Grease in Tubes

Automotive & Industrial Grease in Tubes

Synpower Grease in Tubes

Zerex Coolants


GO-5 Gallons Ready to Use & 90%

Dexcool Gallons Ready to Use & 90%

Extended Life Diesel Ready Gallons Ready to Use & 90%

Asian Gallons Ready to Use

Pyroil Chemical Products


We carry many different products in the Pyroil Line of Products come into the store and check them out or call and see if we have what you need.

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